Disclaimer and General Conditions

General Conditions

Company details:
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1000 Brussels
Company registration number: 0648 924 159

Training courses

1. Registration

By registering for one of our courses, the client and MEZURE BVBA accept that these general conditions alone shall govern the contract between the parties and the parties undertake to adhere to these. The client's own purchasing conditions cannot be invoked against MEZURE BVBA. Any departure from these general conditions must be stipulated in writing. Registration can only take place online. Some training courses are subject to specific admittance criteria, which can be found in the training folder of the course concerned or on the website. MEZURE BVBA reserves the right to deregister a course participant if he/ she does not meet these admittance criteria (this may become apparent after the start of the course). The registration fee is regarded as fully payable and shall not therefore be reimbursed.

2. Payment

2.1. Invoice

Open training:
Upon registration, the client will receive a request for payment of the registration fee, which must be paid immediately. Upon payment, the client will receive an invoice and confirmation of registration.

Closed training:
MEZURE BVBA will compile a quote which clearly states the price; the quote must be signed by the client. The price agreements and invoicing conditions specified in the quote shall always take precedent over the general invoicing conditions, which in such cases shall be of a supplementary nature. If the invoice is not paid on time, MEZURE BVBA reserves the right to cancel the training. MEZURE BVBA also reserves the right to deny the participant access to the course and/ or to refuse to issue a diploma or certificate. The use of the SME portfolio does not exempt the client from the obligation to pay on time.

2.2. Late payment

In the event of late payment, the client shall be charged the statutory interest rate, automatically and without notice of default, plus damage compensation amounting to 10% of the invoice amount, with a minimum of 35 EUR.

2.3. Payment methods

Payment may be made by one of the following methods:

  • Bancontact;
  • all payment options supported by PayPal;
  • by transfer to account number BE28 7340 4170 1420, stating the invoice reference.
2.4. Prices are indicative

The prices shown on the website are indicative and non-binding. MEZURE BVBA reserves the right to change these prices.

2.5. Oversubscription

The time of receipt of the full registration fee shall determine the order of registration for the course. MEZURE BVBA reserves the right to refuse or cancel a registration in the event of oversubscription, without the client being entitled to claim any form of compensation. In the event of oversubscription, the order of registration shall be used to determine which clients can and cannot participate in the course. If, due to oversubscription, a client cannot participate, he/ she shall be reimbursed the registration fee that he/ she has already paid.

2.6. Joint and several liability

The participant, together with the legal entity named on the invoice, shall at all times be held jointly and severally liable for the fulfilment of all obligations towards MEZURE BVBA.

3. Right of withdrawal

Regardless of the status of the client (private, natural person or legal entity) and regardless of the method of registration, the right of withdrawal is not applicable. After all, the client cannot be regarded as a 'consumer' as defined in the Code of Economic Law, since he/ she is seen as following the training within the context of his/ her professional activities. The client shall not, therefore, have a period of 14 days within which to cancel the registration.

4. Cancellation

Up until 10 days prior to commencement of the course, the client may cancel his/ her registration free of charge. Cancellation must take place in writing: that is, by e-mail or registered letter. Cancellations made after this time shall be regarded as late and the full registration fee shall still be payable. In such a case, the participant is entitled to be replaced by another person.

5. Changes to the training

MEZURE BVBA reserves the right to cancel or change the date of a planned course, without being able to be held liable and without the client being entitled to claim any form of compensation. In the event of such a unilateral cancellation or change, the client shall be entitled to deregister from the course. If the client deregisters for this reason, the registration fee paid shall only be reimbursed, without interest or compensation, when the deregistration takes place before commencement of the training. If deregistration takes place for this reason during the course, the registration fee shall not be reimbursed. The client can in no case claim any additional compensation as a result of the unilateral change to the course. The liability of MEZURE BVBA shall in all cases be limited to the value of the registration fee. MEZURE BVBA hereby provides a non-exhaustive list of reasons for unilaterally changing the training: unavailability of trainer (including death, illness etc.), undersubscription. If, for example, a lesson has to be moved to another date due to illness of the trainer, the course participant shall not be entitled to claim any form of compensation for costs incurred (child care, transport etc.).

6. Indemnity and liability - Exoneration

MEZURE BVBA cannot be held liable for any accidents, theft or damage (physical or material) which directly or indirectly relate to the organization of the training courses or to the courses themselves. Neither can MEZURE BVBA be held liable for any damage caused by the course participant which arises from the fulfilment of the agreements with MEZURE BVBA, nor for failures caused, directly or indirectly, by an action of the course participant or of a third party, irrespective of whether this results from an error or oversight. MEZURE BVBA also cannot be held liable for the quality of the training or the quality of the organization of the training (including technical defects in the lesson material, circumstances related to the training room, quality of the lesson material, time that the lesson material is made available etc.).

7. Complaints procedure

MEZURE BVBA attaches great importance to the quality of its training courses and is always open to suggestions for improvement of its operations. Complaints and/ or suggestions should be submitted to the complaints coordinator.

8. SME portfolio and other support measures

Flemish companies:
The course participant is responsible for applying for and processing this subsidy from the Flemish government. Further information can be found on: www.kmo-portefeuille.be. MEZURE BVBA is in no case liable for any decision regarding the awarding (or not awarding) of this subsidy. If the course participant wishes to make use of the SME portfolio, he/ she should include the full invoicing details of the company on the registration form. The accreditation number of MEZURE BVBA as service provider for the SME portfolio is: DV.O218424.

Companies based in Brussels:
The Brussels-Capital Region supports various initiatives for stimulating the economy. Through a series of financial support measures for businesses, the local governmental service Brussels Economy and Employment Opportunities (BEW) facilitates sustainable economic development and the creation of employment opportunities in the Brussels-Capital Region. More information can be found via the following link: be.brussels/werken-en-ondernemen/ondernemen-in-brussel.

9. Changes to the General Conditions

MEZURE BVBA reserves the right to change these general conditions at any time, without notification, including to adapt them to a modification in the service provision or to changes in the legal and regulatory requirements. On the website, the client can consult the general conditions applicable to each registration.

10. Applicable law and court of jurisdiction

Every dispute relating to these general conditions falls under the jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels. The relations between the parties are governed by Belgian law.

11. Privacy and copyright

The information of the client/ participant is stored and processed in accordance with the rules of the GDPR. For further details, see our privacy policy. The texts, images and other items on the website are protected by copyright. If the client/ participant wishes to reproduce them or share them publicly, he/ she must obtain express written permission from MEZURE BVBA, unless this is not necessary under the Act of 30 June 1994 regarding copyright and related rights. For example, the client/ participant is entitled to download and reproduce information from this website for private use, and to disseminate and share the information free of charge within the client/ participant's family circle. Some names, characters and logos on this website are registered trademarks. The client/ participant is not permitted to use these.

12. Disclaimer

MEZURE BVBA can in no way be held liable for any damage, direct or indirect, that may result from consulting or using the information provided on this website on the external websites referred to by this site. MEZURE BVBA cannot be held liable for problems with the availability of the information, caused by technical errors or disruptions. All disputes and claims arising from the use of this website or any item of information on it, are governed by Belgian law. By consulting this website, you submit yourself to the jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels, Belgium, and you agree to bring all court proceedings before these courts only.